Saturday, 22 June 2013

Adventures in Vietnamese couture

I'm back in Hoi An, Vietnam's centre of bespoke tailoring. When we were here last November, the husband and I had a wonderful time at Kimmy Custom Tailor having some clothes made.

Dave had a stunning grey wool three piece suit tailored and I had a chiffon maxi dress, a cotton mini dress and a satin biker jacket made. All for about £300.

So now we've returned to Hoi An, and I've been given some money for my upcoming birthday, what else am I going to do but treat myself to another trip to the tailors??

The process last time was so much fun. We sat and talked to the consultants about designs, sharing lots of photos we'd found online showing the styles we were after, making sketches and explaining just how we wanted the clothes to look, then we picked the fabrics, got measured up and they get to work. 

We ended up going back for three additional fittings to make adjustments to the sizing and designs; making sure the garments were just right... shortening a skirt here, narrowing a strap there. The staff at Kimmy were super attentive and very patient, to be sure we were absolutely happy with what we got.

I've been busy finding some styles to aid the new design process. I'd really like some outfits to take to Japan next month, so I'm looking at cool, comfy day dresses and I'd also like a matching skirt/top set.

Here's some of the inspiration for shapes from which I'll decide upon my final ideas, including all of my personal flourishes and details.

Shirt dress

Other dress shapes

'Twin set' - top

'Twin set' - skirt

I'll let you know how the process goes and put up some photos of the finished articles once they're done. 

Big thanks to my Dad for providing the means for such an exciting and creative birthday present!

Bunny x

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