Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fallen for Fjällräven

I haven't finished my first stint of long-term travel yet - still two and a half months to go! - but I have already chosen the day bag I'll be taking on my next trip.

I've fallen head over heels for the classic Kånken backpack from Fjällräven, even though I'm a grown woman and it was originally designed for school children back in the late 70s. 

I just love its simple design, its bold colours, its cute little foxy logo. Plus it has two straps and plenty of compartments, perfect for toting around a bottle of water, a camera, money, Tiger Balm, sunscreen, a sarong, guidebook, and other bits and bobs that make up a sightseer's daily cargo.

The trouble is, how on earth would I be able to choose just one colour from the beautiful rainbow available?

The Kånken even has handy extra features like reflective material for the logo patch, a carry handle on top, hardwearing fabric... 

Oh dear. I may have turned into a travel nerd. Get me into some impractical killer stilettos and pass me an unjustifiably tiny clutch bag, stat!

Seriously though, aren't they gorgeous?!

Bunny x

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Bunny Darke said...

The Brokedown Palace is having a sale on Kanken backpacks this bank holiday weekend! 20% off all remaining colours (£44)