Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What's on at Whistles?

I looove Whistles.

The high street favourite's clothes, that are at once simple yet luxurious and playful yet chic, are just so desirable to me. 

When I wear Whistles I feel like a young woman, rather than a girl.

Since they're quite pricey, there's often things I covet but have to pop back on the rack, my debit card safely stowed in my purse. But they also have pretty impressive sales and I've picked up some beautiful things for excellent prices. 

I came away on my honeymoon with a mac, a black tee, a white vest and a leopard print tee all from Whistles. Cool, quality, easy-to-wear clothes that are perfect for travelling, but smart enough that they're still trousseau-special.

Plus I love flying the British fashion flag.

The SS13 collection has been launched and here are my favourite styles from their look book:

I don't think I'll ever get bored of the cute dress/tough jacket combo

So wearable: looks comfortable, classic b/w stripes, great ladylike shape

Perfect simplicity of the sweatshirt (beautiful detailing too) paired with the garish skirt, plus the pattern clash with the bag

Beautiful impressionist print on the trousers with what looks like a tux-stripe to match the bag's yellow
I wish my legs were long enough to wear this ankle-kissing length!

Another great trouser length in a beautiful fabric, with elegant 60s styling on top

It has to be said, I don't think much of the shoes used in the look book. Good colour, but I'm a skyscraper girl and want nothing to do with anything nearing the 'kitten'!

In some exciting news from Whistles, it's being reported that they're to host a seated show for the first time at London Fashion Week next month, where they'll showcase their AW13/14 Limited Edition 'luxury' collection. 

Can't wait to see what they've got up their sleeves, although as previously intimated I think their standard range is about my price level of luxury! 

*whispers* Let's hope some of it goes into the sale.

Bunny x

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