Sunday, 20 January 2013

Red shoes, no knickers

I'm out of the country, travelling Asia and Australia with my new husband on our year-long honeymoon. But that doesn't mean I had to miss out on the post-Christmas sales right?? Especially when I've signed up for a zillion retail newsletters that keep yelling at me from my inbox about further reductions.

Obviously, I'm on a tight budget so clothes shopping isn't a priority right now. But my mum gave me a bit of money for Christmas and when I saw these little beauties during some online window shopping (screen shopping?) I couldn't resist. 

They were £60 reduced to £25 from Office and just look at how perfect! Plus the bonus with Converse All Stars is that I know I take a size 5, so even though I'm miles from home and can't try them on, these babies will be waiting patiently for my feet to slip into them when they retouch UK soil in August.

This style is sold out now, but Office still has a good selection in its sale.

Bunny x

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