Sunday, 11 December 2011

Inspiration for chilly days

A little collection of fabulous images to inspire winter dress up.

Bright faux fur, geek chic eyewear, red lipstick.

Elaborate hair, dramatic knits, smoking without gloves.

Mannish trousers, chunky boots, cute sweaters.

Dark glossy locks, allover natural shades, shiny pleats.

Tights, socks, boots.

Monotone, texture, girly skirts.

Pussy bows, denim shirts, big jewelry.

70s styling, snakeskin, bold make-up.

Glitter, wedges, buns.

Contrasting combos, coloured tights, PVC.

Layers, woolly hats, boxy bags.

Clashing prints, messy hair, big brows.

Polka dots, tassels, twin sets.

Bunny x

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Hollie Galvin said...

love the polka dots. Great post:)