Sunday, 11 September 2011

A dress for a wedding: Redux

I've been away for a while - a busy summer coupled with a temporary lull in sartorial inspiration has led me to neglect my blogging - but look! I'm back. 

I've been cultivating my column on British Style Bloggers. You can see my latest offering here, where I picked the best of this year's highstreet A/W11 Lookbooks. My next treatise goes up tomorrow, so go back to BSB to check out what I'm on about this time.

Also, to support Best of the Highstreet, I've created a Flickr album, which you can view here. You see, I haven't been completely neglecting my duties! 

So, now that I've updated you on my recent activities... on with today's post.

Back in April, I got very excited about a dress I had purchased for one of the numerous weddings I've happily been invited to this year. Then, after its arrival, I tucked it away in my wardrobe for the best part of four and a half months. 

It didn't reappear until Thursday night, when I tried it on again in preparation for my cousin's wedding on Friday.

Now, I've told this story to a lot of people over the past few days and while they've all looked suitably shocked, dismayed and amused, I get the impression that at least a couple of them may have thought I was just making up excuses to go on an impromptu spree. However, I can guarantee that this really happened...

So, I try the dress on again on Thursday evening and it's see-through! Not just slightly, so that you can see my undies... you can see my belly button!! I honestly don't know how I didn't notice this quite important glitch back in the spring, but needless to say a family wedding is not the ideal showcase for such a revealing garment.

Panic sets and and I adjust my alarm clock to accommodate a morning-of-the-wedding emergency shopping trip. 

Up to the Angel I skip early on Friday and Joy comes to my rescue. I found this beautiful Louche Cosmia Jacquard Dress and ended up getting way more compliments from the other wedding guests than I think I ever would have in my cream chiffon number - even if it hadn't been transparent!

So it all worked out nicely in the end. Now I just need to get myself a slip of some sort, so the original cream dress isn't a total write-off. After all, the Christmas party season isn't a million miles away.

And how scary is that??

Bunny x


Derek Darke said...

And stunning you looked too.


Bunny Darke said...

Aw thanks Dad!! :)
x x x x

Anonymous said...

Love the print of the dress. :)