Thursday, 26 May 2011

River Island retail therapy part II

My last post introduced two new purchases, a pair of incredible grey peep toe heels and a striped tee.

When I ordered them from the River Island website, I also bought a dark beige cotton biker jacket. It was reduced from £60 to £25 and looked really nice online.

I suspect that my first error was that it was described as dark beige. I mean... that doesn't sound too attractive as a colour, does it?

When the parcel arrived and I unwrapped the jacket from its celophane cocoon, it wasn't so great. The material was cheap and the shape was really unflattering. I didn't even try it on and I could see that!

One of the great things about ordering from River Island's online store is that you can make returns to any branch. I think this is a policy now being adopted by a lot of highstreet stores with online outlets - which is pretty much all of them, right?

Anyway, when I took my unwanted purchase into my local shop, I spotted a tee that I couldn't resist. Especially with fesitval season imminent.

How perfect??

And now it's mine.

Glastonbury kicks off for me on 22nd June. Bring it on!

Bunny x

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