Thursday, 12 May 2011

British Style Bloggers - Best of the Highstreet #1

British Style Bloggers has had a bit of a revamp. No massive changes, it has just been made a little more streamlined and accessible. Ew! Aren't they horrible business type words?? You can tell I've been working in PR for too many years! 

Instead let's say that BSB has evolved, becoming a little wiser and more mature, but remaining sweet and playful and honest at heart.

I'm once again honoured to have been given my own column - Best of the Highstreet. Each month I'll be bringing readers my top picks from our favourite shops, and sharing my flair for seeking out some bargainlicious goodies.

My first installment has just gone live, so do click on the link above and pop over to see what's on offer.

I'll give you a hint... they makes jeans out of it.

Bunny x


Hayles said...

Love the first jacket and the shoes, I need them both in my wardrobe now!

Bunny Darke said...

Me too! :) And the shoes are quite a bargain - check All Saints x