Saturday, 1 January 2011

What's left in the sales

Since the January sales started on Christmas Eve this year (go figure) I've already made my personal contribution to re-inflate the British economy with some hardcore bargain hunting.

However, those emails keep flooding into my inbox, informing me of FURTHER REDUCTIONS! and that TIME IS RUNNING OUT! and there have been MORE LINES ADDED!

So I've had a trawl through for any of you late shoppers out there, to see what spoils have been left after the initial spending frenzy and have come up with my top picks that really SHOULDN'T BE MISSED!

I tend to have two main stops when it comes to the big sales: Urban Outfitters and Topshop. More often than not, UO have some impressive mark-downs, and the Topshop sale is my opportunity to grab the bits I've had my eye on, but for which I've resented paying over the odds when they first hit the rails.


Faux fur sleeve wool jacket. Was £130 now £50

Long line blazer by Unique. Was £125 now £40

Dress by Meadham Kirchhoff. Was £250 now £75

Urban Outfitters

tba Soya high waist shorts. Was £105 now £40

Leather driving gloves. Were £38 now £10

Deena & Ozzy faux fur clutch. Was £32 now £10

Pendleton buckle shopper. Was £258 now £150

Sheer horse print slip. Was £38 now £10

Bunny x

Sale prices updated on Thursday 6th January.

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Imo said...

I LOVE that Meadham Kirchoff dress. I went to their show last year and I loved the Eastern feel of the garments =D