Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Tatty Devine: Turning life up to 11

I have been a huge fan of Tatty Devine for years, and I like to add new little pieces to my (not insubstantial) collection whenever I can - generally if they've got a sale on, or whenever they bring out a jewellery creation that I simply can't resist.

Currently I own the AARRGHHHHH necklace (which has just been re-released), a plectrum triple necklace, a Gilbert & George silhouette brooch, a wooden bunny rabbit brooch (natch!), a yellow 'B' brooch, the magpie earrings, mirror hexagon earrings, and a pair of tortoiseshell seabed anchor'n'chain earrings... I think that's it!

One of the long-standing items in the Best of Tatty Devine collection is the Volume Button brooch, and this has just been updated to go all the way up to 11! Genius. 

I've lusted after the classic version for quite a while, and now they've released the Spinal Tap tribute version I don't think I'll be able to hold out much longer.

In honour of the launch, TD have teamed up with The House of Hot Breath to create this fab promo video, which features loads of their jewellery throughout:


Bunny x

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Tatty Devine said...

Hey Bunny!

Thanks so much, we love Spinal tap and couldn't resist making it go up to 11!!

Tatty Devine (Amy D) x