Thursday, 21 October 2010

Promise to keep me warm

I have ordered a couple of cold weather essentials and cannot wait for them to arrive.

Firstly, I found my personal contribution to the statement coat trend at GiGi Vintage. It's a blonde faux fur duffel and I am so excited to throw it on as soon as it's delivered by Mr Postman. I like the way it is styled in the shots below - I'm thinking of pairing it first with a mini dress, some Henry Holland hosiery, and a pair of heavy boots.

Next, I've ordered some new black flats from Office. They were in the sale at only £20 and look like they will keep my feet snug and comfortable during my long commutes to and from my new job. 

Ohh yeah, you read that right... I have managed to land myself some full-time permanent employment! What better excuse to update my A/W wardrobe than the need to dress to impress as the new girl in the office?

Bunny x

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