Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Happy 1st birthday to British Style Bloggers

Last Saturday, in sunny Yorkshire, the British Style Bloggers (BSB) celebrated their first birthday.

Amy, BSB editor, hosted an al fresco party in the lovely surroundings of a ruined abbey, followed by some some fashion and giggles around York's shopping centre.

It was a classy affair. Attendees were treated to cake, party bags, balloons, Twister, pass-the-parcel, songs, bubbles, ice cream and gifts.

Putting faces to... computer screens (?) by getting together with those behind some of the blogs I follow was really inspirational, not to mention a whole lot of fun! 

Occasions like this can hold for me some trepidation about the unknown, especially when I'm outside my own city and spending a whole day with new girls when I'm, on average, about a decade older than them. I guess I can reassure myself that a couple of weekends ago I was I.D.'d for cigarettes though, right?

Anyway, I was super-excited about the BSB 1st birthday and it went off without a hitch. Well worth the £85 ticket up t'north.

It was a small yet perfectly formed group of us, representing some fabulous style blogs :

Carla : Messy Carla

(left to right in the first photo below)

Photo by Amy Thompson
Photo by Sarah Coulson

Thank you to all my adorable new friends. Let's try to get even more awesome bloggers along for the 2nd BSB birthday party! I think we need to recruit some boys.

Bunny x

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