Wednesday, 18 August 2010

BOYFRIEND MATERIAL #3 - I want to ride my bicycle

First things first, let's get the confession over and done with. Despite the title of this post, I don't actually own a bicycle. The recent introduction of London's cycle hire scheme has made me seriously consider buying myself a helmet and registering for access to the bikes. But if I'm honest, the traffic and my personal track record with the Highway Code mean that the prospect of cycling around the capital still fills me with dread.

I do still have romantic notions of pootling around Regents Park in a seersucker skirt and a pair of Oxford flats, so maybe one day I'll work up the courage.

Anyhoo, this is an edition of Boyfriend Material - my focus on the world of male fashion - so it doesn't really matter what I do. And The Boy does ride his bike around London (much to my mild panic whenever he's late home and the mental images of short sighted bus drivers and squished fiancĂ© start popping into my head).

Fellas wanting to parade their allegiance to all-things-bike may want to head over to Dark Cycle Clothing on Etsy. Their collection of 'Animals on Bikes' tees are bright and fun and surreal. Plus they're very reasonably priced at under £12 a pop ($18).

Dark Cycle consists of husband and wife team Coryn and Adam, who own a small screen printing shop in Tampa, Florida. To date, they've made nearly 5,000 sales of their two-wheeled wares on Etsy.

Here are some of their best

^ Dinosaur on a bicycle

^ Shark on a bike

^ Tiger on a bike

^ Octopus on a bike

^ Alice in Wonderland's White Rabbit on a bike (personal favourite, for obvious reasons)

^ Bike wheel and crossbones (Dark Cycle Clothing's logo - categorised under 'Biking Classics'

Dark Cycle Clothing also do all of their designs for the ladies, so don't be put off if you're a member of the 'fairer sex'. 

Bunny x

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