Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Why I don't do sport

I had a wonderful post planned for this evening, full of wedding excitement and beautiful vintage bridal wear.

Then the Europa League final kicked off between Atletico Madrid and Fulham (the latter being my family team). Fulham have had unprecedented success in Europe this year, storming through to the final on what's being referred to by people far more knowledgeable than me on these matters as a 'fairytale journey'.

I watched the first 90 minutes of the match, which finished 1-1. With about 30 seconds to go in extra time, the enemy scored, reducing my team to losers, and me to tears. That's almost three hours of my life (and consequently blogging time) that I'm never getting back.

It's also the first, and almost definitely last, time I have ever cried over a football match. And now I'm feeling too blue to write excitedly about wedding plans. 

This is why I don't get emotionally invested in football - because for five and a half years I have been acutely aware, through the boy, of how much a devastating loss can affect mood and productivity. 

I'm now going to have a cup of camomile tea, hit the sack, and wake up bright and breezy and blog-ready.

To make this post about as fashionable as possible, I've included a picture of a vintage Fulham strip from 1966. The game definitely had more fashion sense in those days. Grasping at straws or what??

I promise, this is the one and only time I will dedicate a post to sport. You can hold me to that.

Bunny x

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Yrgsoth said...

You're in good company - the TV pictures showed Lily Allen in tears too..