Monday, 3 May 2010

Tasty little morsels

Today has been a day of bite-sized blogging from Bunny Habits. I've got something a little more substantial planned for tomorrow, covering some outfits and adventures from my bank holiday weekend. 

But for today, these random morsels have suited me well. Partly because the main focus of the last couple of days has been celebrating Jill Pirate's birthday, and I've therefore had nowhere near enough sleep, considering I'm still really not firing on all cylinders.

And also, it's the May bank holiday. If I was able to go to work at the moment, I wouldn't have been in the office. So I decided to let myself have a no-pressure-to-post day. Which worked out well, as it allowed me to add something whenever it occurred to me, with no feeling that it needed to be 100% fashion focussed. 

Or indeed, 100% focussed!

The second instalment of Jill's celebrations was a gathering at her place in Dalston on Saturday night. Due to some pretty major drama at our end - I won't bore you with the details; suffice to say that the boy and I didn't get to the party 'til gone 11pm - we ended up totally forgetting to write her birthday card.

I'm going to write something silly in this one, and give it to Jill next time I see her. 

I bought it in a lovely gift shop near where I live and for the life of me I can't remember what it's called - see, the sleep deprivation is taking its toll! But I will find out. 

While I was in there, the song She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult came on the PA system. I deliberately took more time than I needed to browse the revolving card racks, so that I could hear the whole thing, and even paused to do air drums. Hmm, have I revealed to much??

I've just found this BBC footage on YouTube. I'd only have been five years old when The Cult played this gig at Brixton Academy in 1987, but I really wish I'd have been there! Throwing the horns whilst perched precariously on my Dad's shoulders.

Come back tomorrow for something a little less stream of conciousness.

Bunny x

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JillPirate said...

Oi lady! Music *or* fashion ;)

I am going to blog about our song. With pictures of the gift xx