Sunday, 23 May 2010

Surreal jewels

I have just finished watching a programme about Salvador Dali on the BBC, which was the final part in its Modern Masters series.

Like a lot of people, in my student years I had a bit of a thing about Dali as an artist, and had a print of The Metamorphosis of Narcissus (1937) on my bedroom wall. It even came with me to London when I moved in with The Boy, but since then I have moved on and lost the passion I once had for him. Dali, not The Boy!

I knew that Dali had links with the world of high fashion, but until this evening I had never seen examples of his foray into jewellery design. But I've fallen in love with some of the brooches he created. 

Taking some of his most recognisable motifs - lips, clocks and eyes - he dreamt up pieces that retained his surrealist roots, but adapted them for the popular market with incredibly bling and wearable designs.

Ruby Red Lips

Eye of Time

Royal Heart. An example of fashion as spectacle at its finest. Dali has made the ruby heart actually beat.

Bunny x

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