Saturday, 1 May 2010

Summer shoes

As promised, here are some pictures of my new sandals. I got them from Office in Covent Garden, and they should have been £50 but I only paid £40. 

These will definitely be my staple shoes this summer. I like the way they make my rolled-up ripped jeans look a little smarter, and they look cute with bare legs and shorts, skirts or dresses.

A couple of years ago you wouldn't have caught me dead in this style of shoe, as they do look rather like the quintessential 'Brit abroad' sandal that old men wear with socks. But when I saw them on Thursday I immediately knew I had to have them. The 20% discount did help with that decision. 

I think they're really pretty, with the round toe and the brass buckle. Plus they're super comfy, and I love the way they're not completely flat because of their teeny wedge. 

I can't wait for the leather to soften up with wear, so that they look a little more battered. 

What are your summer shoes of choice?

Bunny x

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