Monday, 17 May 2010

Sixth outfit post

My favourite outfit from the weekend just gone was one of those excellent ensembles made up of clothes and accessories that I've owned for a while. 

Rocking something brand new for the first time holds obvious appeal, but I think it can be just as exciting to find a mix of items that one hasn't worn together before.

I felt hot to trot in this bat-wing crop top, denim shorts, super-pale green tights and white Mary Janes. In fact, I've fallen so much in love with this outfit that I've already settled on the next time I'm wearing it!

Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Bat-wing top - Topshop
Denim shorts - H&M
Belt - UO
Tights - Jonathan Astor
Shoes - Topshop

This was also my first try-out with my new tripod and remote control for my DSLR. I'm really pleased with the results - it was way easier to use than I was expecting. One-woman portrait shots are clearly the way forward!

Bunny x

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JillPirate said...


So when are you wearing it? Friday? x

Princess Margot said...

Hello Bunny!!!! Thank you for visiting my "castle"!!!
You look lovely in this top!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my! that top is so adorable!! ^.^

Adele said...

Nice top!
- Adele

Teresa said...

That top is so cute! I totally heart it! Plus, your Mary Janes look really cool! I have yet to get white MJs. Cute outfit! :)