Thursday, 6 May 2010

Show your colours

Naomi (Dawson, a.k.a. Nome), who on top of her illustrations now has a fab new blog called My Charity Shop Treasure, has been showing off her Liberal Democrats-inspired yellow accessorising today, which she's used to represent (reprazent?) her voting loyalties at the General Election polls.

It made me realise that my wardrobe is distinctly lacking in yellow. I don't wear it generally because of my skin tone. Any shade that I've tried over the years completely washes me out and makes me look like I'm suffering from some horrific disease. 

But no yellow bags? No yellow belts? Or yellow shoes? A shocking state of affairs that must be rectified ASAP. I do have an Essie nail polish in 'Flirty Girl' - but I've only worn it once because that made me look like I've been smoking 40 a day for 20 years!

So instead I raided my extensive badge collection and put together this collage on the canvas bag I'm using at the moment. And I like it so much I think I'm going to leave it on.

It was pure chance that many of the yellow badges I own sport quite appropriate slogans and images: Save the planet / Love All - Serve All; The Clash; the strong 'We Can Do It' woman. And of course I couldn't resist my 'Hated by the Daily Mail' badge, even though it isn't yellow.

I also threw a silky golden scarf with a substantial amount of yellow around my neck. 

I really hope that everyone in Britain eligible to do so has exercised their democratic duty today. And that you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Bunny x

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naomidawson said...

Perfect! I am wearing today... Red Cardigan, Bright Blue Jeans, Yellow Tshirt and Black and White Tshirt! Political?!