Friday, 21 May 2010

Shhh, it's a secret

This may be quite a frustrating post for you, so I apologise upfront.

Since the My Sugarland Vintage Wedding Evening, I have found myself with a new lease of excitement and inspiration for planning the big day in 2012. 

For one thing, I went ahead and bought my bridal shoes. I realise this might seem a little premature, but they're so perfect! And if I do find something even more suitable over the next couple of years, then I've got some beautiful Irregular Choice footwear to totter down to the supermarket in.

Today the hair accessory that I purchased on Etsy arrived in the mail. Now, obviously I can't show you pictures of my goodies as it would spoil the surprise, but I've taken some shots of the packaging as a tantalising tease-fest for you.

The beautiful Irregular Choice box, which is housing my bridal shoes

Unwrapping my exciting parcel from America. I'm loving the wax sealed box - it adds even more to the secrecy!

Bunny x

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