Sunday, 9 May 2010

Playing tourist in my home town

Yesterday, the boy and I had a really fun time in London. I do love doing touristy things in my home town. Living in London can get a little hectic when one has a full-time job and a busy social life, so it's great to visit bits of the city that I can sometimes take for granted.

As Ferris Bueller says, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

We started off at the Victoria & Albert, Art & Love exhibition at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace. It was full of beautiful jewellery, furniture, art works and other things that Queen Victoria and her husband Albert owned and exchanged as gifts. 

We really got a sense of how in love they were; they clearly knew each other so well, and there was a sad air about it as she lost him so young. I'd highly recommend paying a visit before it closes in October.

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The Queen's Gallery has a killer gift shop. I was running around in a frenzy of kitsch joy. I just resisted buying this cuddly corgi. A couple of the guys working there were admiring my Queen Bee brooch from Anna Lou of London and my vintage 1977 Silver Jubilee patches.

The boy bought me this awesome cushion, which is now on our sofa. I love it! And I got myself a chunky gold crown keyring, which I'm going to transfer to a chain to wear as a pendant.

Some of my favourite things in the exhibit were pictures of the royal couple in fancy dress. They obviously had a real sense of fun and knew how to throw a bad-ass party. In this portrait they're wearing medieval costumes for the Bal Costumé of 1842. Victoria retains the classic hourglass silhouette of her era.

Our next stop was afternoon tea in a hotel called The Rubens at the Palace. 

I felt perfectly attired for the occasion in my floral and lace Johann dress, which almost matched the crockery!

It was an indulgent affair, with delicious treats.

After tea, we walked past Buckingham Palace and up The Mall, and popped into the Institute of Contemporary Arts. They had an impressive selection of magazines in their gift shop (amongst other goodies), including one with this magical bunny rabbit spread.

*EDIT - the magazine with the bunny spread was 'Arty'.*

We also stopped off at Carnaby Street, where I spotted this elephant designed by Lulu Guinness as part of the Elephant Parade.

Do you enjoy taking time to see the more 'clichéd' sights where you live, or do you prefer to avoid the tourists altogether?

Bunny x


Adele said...

I lovee elephants hehe
- Adele

Nathalie Maggiori said...

In love with the UK flag pillow!