Thursday, 20 May 2010

New Kate Moss collection

Hopefully you saw my post earlier in the week with the video of Kate Moss having a boogie to promote her new SS10 collection for Topshop. 

Well, the video on YouTube has since been removed, so I have taken down the post. But today the range launches so I have taken a look online and chosen my favourite pieces.

To recap my earlier post, I'm a bit of a Topshop addict, and already own a few pieces from Miss Moss' previous collaborations with the highstreet behemoth.

Her new selection doesn't really break any boundaries for me. It's full of the shapes and palette that I have come to expect - floaty dresses, hotpants, blazers, playsuits, floral and leaf prints. 

I was hoping for something a little more idiosyncratic for her contribution to the spring/summer wardrobe, but instead it's all quite safe and doesn't depart very far from a lot of items that are already available in the shops.

My selection from the 80-odd new pieces certainly suggest that the trends I'm most drawn to at the moment are lace, neutrals and pastels, plus a continuing love of playsuits.

Let's take a look:

Feather cape £85

Silk button back playsuit £75

Lace peasant dress £70

Wide leg jeans £70

Lace stripe shirt £55

Lace turn up shorts £60

Lace back playsuit £50

Oriental print kimono £80

As well as the collection not really hitting me between the eyes with its inspiration and originality, I'm struck by the high prices. If there were pieces that really stood out from the crowd, I might well be tempted to shell out £70 for a simple dress or £60 for a pair of shorts, but I'm just not convinced it's going to be worth it.

How about you, are you a fan of Kate Moss' collections for Topshop? And would you be willing to pay so much more for staples just because they bare her name?

Bunny x

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