Thursday, 13 May 2010

My Sugarland Vintage Wedding Evening

A week ago, I went along to the Vintage Wedding Evening at My Sugarland on the Angel. The boy and I are getting married in just over two years, but the actually wedding planning has to start some time.

I came away from the event with tons of ideas and inspiration, and since then we have entered into quite a frenzy of brochures, lists and short lists, and I've even made my first outfit purchase. It's something from Etsy to go in my hair, but of course I can't show you a picture as the boy reads my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

My Sugarland had an incredible selection of vintage bridal-wear, and some lovely guests including Molly Bakes, Bunnies Forever, and the Andrew Barton Salon. Not at all bad for a ticket price of £10 and a five minute wander up the road.

Click on images to enlarge.

Some of the stunning vintage bridal outfits

^ Photo courtesy of My Sugarland
The lovely Lisa from the Andrew Barton Salon created my mini Dusty Springfield-esque beehive, with about 100 kirby grips and practically a whole can of industrial strength hairspray! It's definitely the sort of style I'm going with on the big day

Some fabulous hats and hair pieces

More beautiful wedding accessories, including the vintage pale pink John Rocha wedges that I completely fell in love with. But they cost about £350, and as they're not really what I'm looking for as wedding shoes I had to leave them behind with a pang

And finally, a couple of hand-made antique lace garters with vintage silver charms from Bunnies Forever. Firstly, how could I resist her incredible bespoke lingerie at very reasonable prices? And secondly, how could I resist that name??

I love the idea of having a brand new, bespoke wedding dress - which I'm hoping to have made by Melanie Potro - and shoes etc, mixed with a couple of select vintage pieces. 

The boy and I are hoping to have the venue in Exeter booked within the next couple of months, so expect plenty of wedding-based updates in the run up to July 2012. Just wait til I can start dropping hints about dress designs! I can tell you now that the theme for me and my bridesmaids is going to be silver, pink and green.

If you have any hints and tips about where to go for wedding dresses, suits, hair, flowers etc, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Bunny x


Adele said...

Oh wow!
How much fun! Can't wait to plan a wedding haha!
- Adele

The Goose said...

LOVE the pictures and your hair looks beautiful in the fancy beehive.

The best way to get hints and tips is to throw a wedding planning party.
You invite your lady friends and they all have to bring something with them to help plan your big day. A magazine, wedding book, photo's, samples, contacts, etc.

Just make sure you set up a way so people can say what they're bringing so you don't end up with 20 copies of You and Your Wedding.

Goose X

Nathalie Maggiori said...

In love with the second nude colored blouse, so amazing!


Sounds like a fun night!