Sunday, 16 May 2010


A healthy dose of irony has frequently played a part in my wardrobe over the years. I've found myself drawn to clothes and accessories that are ugly, or unfashionable, or from a style or sub-culture I have no real business embracing. 

This penchant for the sardonic has certainly waned as I've matured, and I find myself making in-your-face statements with my outfits less and less. I think my style remains distinctive, but hopefully now I turn some heads because of how I put my outfits together, rather than how much they offend.

It does amuse me that some current fashions embrace what I may have used ironically in the past, such as double denim or socks and sandals. Some are even so subversive that I wouldn't have dared go there. Example, leggings - one 'fashion' I still refuse to revisit, even after all this time of it being deemed acceptable.

Now, I never went down the ironic trucker cap route, or donned a puffer jacket to invoke an air of chav... I'd opt for skirts with prints that could give you a migraine, or a vintage polyester St. Michael shirt with weird brown stripes, or dye my hair the colour of a postbox. 

One of my favourite subversive trends has always been the 'little old lady' look. I'm not sure I ever surpassed my friend Beki Blade's example though, when she wore a polka dot rain cap (not to dissimilar from the one below) to see Slayer at Reading Festival a few years back. Granny chic at a death metal gig... inspired!

Another friend of mine recently told me he wasn't sure about my vintage Liberty scarf because it looks like something his nan would wear. Of course this comment only made me love it more.

Today I was excited to discover that Irregular Choice sells fold-away wheeled shoppers, of the kind pulled around by ladies (and gents, I guess) of a more senior age. I'd be delighted to be spotted filling one of these with goodies at the market. 

I like the way they've used quite a traditional floral pattern, but in their signature way have made it 'irregular' with the cat detail and contrast trimmings.

Wheeler Dealer £67.50

Bunny x


JillPirate said...

I have Hello Kitty fold down shoppers in my section. Available in black or pink and cheaper (just) than Irregular Choice's at just £49 ;)


Teresa said...

That cart thing looks really cool! I love Liberty prints! :)