Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Your treasures around my throat

Two tantalising neck-destined parcels arrived today. The first was the vintage Liberty of London silk scarf that I ordered from Oxfam last Friday. It’s so pretty, and I think a real bargain.

The second parcel was from my friend Alice ‘Twinkle’ Watts, who was at the Worcester Arts & Vintage Events (WAVE) craft fair last Saturday. 

At the time I thought it a little mean that Twinkle was texting me about her exciting day out, considering I’m still housebound – especially her picture message of the tea and cake on super-sweet vintage crockery – but in hindsight, all is forgiven...

She bought me this wonderful ‘Inked’ necklace, by Ixykix, which I couldn’t be more thrilled with.

Ixykix houses unique ‘revamped’ clothing, jewellery and accessories by designer Fran Horne. Fran works primarily in resin, and uses a combination of vintage, reclaimed and modern materials. She also makes lovely little bags from recycled and retro fabrics, in which to take away your purchases. You can find some of her pieces on Etsy.

Twinkle also sent me the little WAVE badge, which I’ll wear along when I (hopefully) accompany her to their next fair in June.

All in all, a very cheerful way to start a Wednesday. Thank you Twinkle, WAVE and Oxfam!

Bunny x


Chasing Cherries said...

Awesome necklace!!

Darling Nikki said...

I really like that vintage the colors!