Thursday, 8 April 2010

Some recent acquisitions

Some people may say that shopping for beautiful things to wear whilst trapped inside donning nothing but pyjamas and oversized Status Quo t-shirts is torturing oneself. Some people may say that spending money on beautiful things to wear shouldn't be a priority when saving for a wedding.

To these people, I would respond: "When someone has been hidden from the city she loves for weeks on end, once she is free to go outside again she needs to make sure she is looking her best. When someone is feeling a bit blue and unattractive, a bit of inspiration and pampering could be just what she needs. When someone is home, and not out spending money on daily crap like lattes, why shouldn't she do some frankly awe-inspiring online bargain hunting to get lovely things for a fraction of their original price? Oh by the way, do you like my new earrings?"

So anyway, here are a few of my recent bargains from Urban Outfitters (blazer and tee), ALoL (jewels), & ASOS (Henry Holland tights) :

Bunny x


joanne said...

Some people should definitely be buying more clothes if they are having to wear a Status Quo t-shirt ;)

Take me shopping one day, I need someone who knows what they are doing to help me acquire clothes that aren't just black pencil skirts! Also, let us know if you need company with DVDs and cookies :)


Bunny Darke said...

Hey, that shirt is a piece of history! I got it in 1992 during their Rock 'Til You Drop tour.