Saturday, 24 April 2010

Slubby Saturday

I was left to my own devices in the flat today, which is something I genuinely enjoy. It's probably to do with being an only child... having to occupy my own space and time.

As we're expecting visitors this weekend I threw open the blinds, put on some tunes (She Wants Revenge, DJ Format, Billy Idol, David Bowie, Elastica) and pottered around preparing the flat. 

I ate breakfast, did a lot of cleaning, and ironed spring clothes that have needed doing for ages. Plus I did an acceptable amount of sitting on the living room floor enjoying the various wonders of the internet.

It was bright and airy all day so I've been slubbing about in bare feet, ripped stonewash jeans, a grey tee and a flowery cotton belt borrowed from one of my summer dresses.

White coffee and ruby grapefruit

Striped tee from Bibico

Coral shirt dress from Marks and Spencer

I popped to the corner shop, which gave me the opportunity to try out my new plimsolls - £7 in the sale from Topshop

I hope you've all have a lovely Saturday too. Let me know below what you spent your time doing.

Bunny x

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