Friday, 23 April 2010

Second outfit post

Friday night in London. And my first night down the pub for, hmm, let's see... checking my diary, it's exactly a month. 

If you don't know me very well I should tell you, I'm a bit of a party lover. And dressing for the occasion is all part of the appeal.

So, a relatively quiet evening at the local, with friends and family. What to wear?

Here's what I settled on. (As you can see, I went ahead and picked up the striped rose tee from Topshop - it arrived in the mail today. It's much shorter than it appeared on the website but I'm really pleased with how it looks).

Crop tee - Topshop
Black jeans - Marks and Spencer
Silver belt - Urban Outfitters
Cream dolly socks - Jonathan Aston
White sling-backs - Topshop
Digital watch - Casio
Silver bracelet - Vintage, from India
Earrings - Tatty Devine
Silver and tigers eye ring - Vintage
Glasses - Rayban

Bunny x

Thanks to my boy for taking these shots, before we went out for his mum's birthday.

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JillPirate said...

You looked beautiful!

Nobody got a photo of my outfit tonight :(