Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Postman Always Rings Twice

My intercom buzzer woke me pre-8am this morning. My brain, although fuzzy with that just-been-rudely-awoken fugg, knew intuitively that it was a good buzzing. Four exciting items on order… this had to be one.

A big cardboard box had arrived from ASOS. Way bigger than necessary for the underwear I had ordered. They are called ‘smalls’ for a reason, after all.

I popped the box on my dining table to save for later, and crawled back under the covers.

At about 10.30 the intercom buzzed again. ‘Time to get up anyway’, I thought, glancing at the wall clock. Back down the stairs to receive what I assumed would be another delivery for me. The sunshine was a little unkind to my dozy eyes, but I soon forgot about that when I realised the postman was holding two parcels; one of which was an unmistakeable candy striped jiffy bag from Tatty Devine.

Hair-mussed and bleary-brained, I signed the Recorded Delivery pad once. The nice, patient postman tapped on the second space in a way that said, ‘I did explain you had to sign for both. Bless.’

Back in the flat with my riches, I grabbed the big box from the table and set about a self-indulgent birthday-esque parcel-fest.

One minor problem aside (Anna Lou sent me the wrong earrings. But I’m sure they’ll sort that out for me soon) it was an excellent way to start the day – surrounded by new, precious things with which to bedeck myself.

Bunny x


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