Thursday, 8 April 2010

Please do not sit

To be honest, it's probably not the most positive time for me to start up a brand new blog. You see, I'm currently convalescing at home after some surgery on the 26th March. At time of writing I have been stuck inside my little London flat for 11 days. I felt genuinely excited today when I opened up the blinds in my living room and kitchen, cracked a window, and had some spring sunshine and fresh air stream in. It was the closest to freedom I had felt in almost a fortnight.

Despite being pretty much confined to bed, I am now more mobile than when I first came home from hospital and am feeling a lot more alert. The only problem here is that a restless bunny is hard to convince to 'take things easy'. The operation wasn't for anything particularly serious, but it's a long-winded healing process - hence being stuck in bed.

However, I am not letting the grass grow under my feet. I've found a way around the boredom and frustration caused by enforced inactivity by spending a helluva lot of time on the internet. Twitter, Facebook, Googlemail ... not to mention the online retail therapy on the Urban Outfitters and Anna Lou of London websites. And this led me - and my bank balance - to strive for some money-making activities whilst I'm recuperating.

I have therefore cleared my wardrobe and accessory draws of once-loved but now unwanted items and have spent a couple of days photographing and uploading t-shirts, jeans, belts, jewellery, skirts and wotnot for sale on So far I have sold an old blue empire-line Topshop dress for a tenner and an Accessorize butterfly pendant that I've never worn for 3 quid. My straining wardrobe and my bank balance are rejoicing. And I'm feeling rather pleased with myself too.

On top of all this industry, I've been cutting pictures of beautiful things from my 'get well soon' magazines to go in my new scrapbook. Now all I need to do is buy a scrapbook. Online shopping is letting me down on this one, so I'm going to have to wait for my release by the looks of things. The pile of pretty clippings is growing; Vogue, Company and (less so) More and Heat have given me plenty - I'm going to have to send my minions out for more reading materials.

And perhaps most exciting of all, I have begun writing my first children's book. It's called 'Salty Soo'. But that's all you're getting detail-wise on that one for now!

I don't think that's not too bad for a young lady who can either stand up or lie down, as there is currently no in between - NO SITTING.

Thanks for reading. I'm going to have plenty of time on my hands in the near future to keep blogging, so do return.

Bunny x


Yrgsoth said...

First. Heh heh, interweb meme alert.

You have minions? Can I borrow them for a while?

JillPirate said...

It's good you're using your healing time productively, cuz when you're better I'll be dragging you out galivanting x x