Monday, 26 April 2010

Nome - Naomi Dawson illustrations

Naomi Dawson - a.k.a Nome - is an illustrator and graphic designer, who has recently branched out into clothing (amongst other lovely bits and bobs such as note cards and mugs). 

Nome's drawings are mainly of super-sweet every day objects and fanciful observations of life. They range from smiley apples and crumbly biscuits, to flocks of birds, crowds of people, a box of matches, and Converse high-tops.

Taking time out from her burgeoning fashion empire, she was kind enough to answer some questions for Bunny Habits.

How long have you been designing? 
I have been drawing my whole life... since I was old enough to hold a felt tip.

Where do you do your designs? 
I normally sit on my sofa, with one kitty on my left and another on my right and a nice of tea on the go too.

[Naomi draws adorable comic strips about the adventures of her kitties – Catface and Mr Jenkins – reminiscent of Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Other Observations by Jeffrey Brown].

How would you describe your style?
Young at heart.

Where do you get your ideas from, and do you have any major inspirations?
I love the work of comic book artists like James Kochalka, Jeffrey Brown, Harvey Pecker and Ghost World [by Daniel Clowes]. I also love the animation Daria. 

Oh and still like to watch old episodes of Clarissa Explains it All. Her bedroom and clothes were AMAZING!

Are the tees cotton and how are they printed?
All of my shirts are high-quality cottons, available in a wide choice of colours and different styles: American Apparel (Guys and Girls) which are slightly more fitted, and AlStyle (Guys) and Bella (Girls) - slightly less fitted (a little cheaper too).

They are printed by a fairly new (well, state-of-the-art) process called Direct To Garment printing. This is not Vinyl or transfer printing like some other, larger websites use - I think the quality is directly comparable to Screen Printing. 

I’m really taken with the playfulness of Nome's illustrations. Knowing that these are high quality, small scale and independent designs makes them a lot more appealing than typical graphic or slogan tees.

You can buy Nome's t-shirts
here. My favourites from her current collection are below. 

Happy Heart:
Got a pen handy?
I heart milk

You can see more of Nome’s products here, including aprons and canvas tote bags like this ‘math-chic’ one:

What do you think of Nome's tees and bags? I'd love to hear your opinions below. As always, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment.

Bunny x

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Ian said...

Amazing stuff. I got a mug the other day and it makes me smile. T-shirt next I think.