Thursday, 29 April 2010

How likely is it that 'mink' was my idea?

I find myself pondering. Am I an individualistic, ahead of my time trend-setter, or a mug who is slave to the fashion dictators?

Take, for instance, the nail polish I have just applied. Now as far as I remember, I've been after what I'd call a creamy mocha colour since before Christmas. It would have beautifully set off the bright, patterned dresses I had for the end-of-year party season. 

Not too long after this, Chanel's Particuliere started hitting the fashion press, under excitable headlines like "Mink is THE new nail colour to be wearing NOW!"

Oh, so 'creamy mocha' is actually 'mink'. That's handy, I've been looking for that. 

A quick internet browse for something a little more affordable, and I discover that one of Essie's A/W09 colours was 'Mink Muffs'. (I realise that this was pre-Christmas, so who knows why I couldn't find it before).

And then yesterday I bought the June edition of In Style magazine, and what should be the free gift on the front, but Nail Inc's 'In Style Mink'.

Of course, this is excellent news as I now have the perfect colour and it only cost me £3.60. But it did get me wondering... 

Was I attracted to this trend before it became popular knowledge, and should therefore be delighted that the exact colour I was hunting for is now on the market? Or have I been subconsciously picking up on low-key product placement or something, which made me aware of an upcoming trend, and am therefore more likely to buy it because I feel like it was all my own idea?

In other words, have I just fallen prey to yet another 'in fashion now' marketing ploy?

Either way, my nails look pretty.

Bunny x


JillPirate said...

I had the same experience with "greige" nails. Having worn Barry M's nail paint in grey over the summer, autumn magazines were full of grey nails!

I think we are trendsetters. They follow us doll, I'm telling ya. x

Alice said...

I think another question is, does it matter? If you look fab (which you do) and feel fab (which I hope you do) then who cares which came first (in my humble opinion)