Friday, 9 April 2010

A hop through Oxfam's online vintage store

Imagine my delight as I discovered the launch of Oxfam’s online vintage store today. All the wondrous eclecticism and hidden gems of charity shop shopping, with the added bonus of having the vintage pieces plucked out for us from amongst the bobbly Bay Trading sweatpants and yellowing underarms of Next t-shirts.

According to,
“this new, dedicated area of the [Oxfam] site promises to stock the biggest selection of vintage clothing anywhere online.”
Vintage: Fashion loved for longer is the slogan. How perfect. The idea that these pieces have been bought and used and loved, and because they are quality they have lasted long enough to become vintage. It’s the ultimate antithesis of ‘fast fashion’. And of course, once something has been loved by one person, rather than it going to the tip, it can be re-homed and cherished by someone new. With the proceeds going to cheridy. I’m feeling all aglow.

On offer are the usual suspects: dresses, eveningwear, coats and jackets, bags, jewellery, scarves, shoes. Shirts and suits, amongst other goodies, for the boys. As well as fabrics, china and glassware, and covetable antiquarian books - so that the homestead won’t let you down as the setting for your vintage fashion parade.

Those familiar with online retail will recognise the options to shop by category – women’s, men’s, accessories and homeware. Narrow your search for that ideal item by price, condition, brand and size.

An inspired idea is the added option to shop by decade. Choose from 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Thank goodness they steered clear of pretending that 10 years makes the 1990s vintage.

The only downside I can see so far is the lack of interaction with the elderly volunteers who staff so many charity shops; but of course this glorious new resource should be a welcome addition to, rather than a replacement for, traditional thrift shopping.

Whilst browsing, I simply couldn’t resist this stunning Liberty silk scarf for the jaw-dropping price of £24.99.

Other highlights included:

Harrods royal blue pinafore dress, £65.00

Kingsmoor navy coat dating from 1948-1952, £75.00

Wedgwood Pennine cup and saucer, £4.99

Oxfam says:
“Since first opening in 1948, Oxfam shops have sold vintage clothing from every era. Top names and trends have passed through our doorways, hunted down by models, designers and vintage bargain hunters alike! With over 60 years of vintage experience … our Vintage section shows you the way through thousands of vintage clothes & accessories.”
Bunny x


Yrgsoth said...

I'm so replacing my entire wardrobe with 60s suits a la Mad Men!

Bunny Darke said...

I love it! Including three piece suits and skinny ties I hope.