Monday, 19 April 2010

Dream a little dream

After a weekend shut indoors, I finally managed to get out for a walk in the sunshine today. It gave me the opportunity to bust out my tortoiseshell Wayfarers and my sweet little white tee with the teeny skulls and hearts and wings all over it. I can't even remember where I got it from, because the label is so faded!

I found a lovely bookshop on Exmouth Market called Clerkenwell Tales. Well I say 'found', but it's one of those places I must have wandered past 50 times without ever having been inside. 

I could have come home laden with so many beautiful tomes - they had cute editions of classic reads with super pretty covers and a huge range of fashion books that I've been lusting after - but I couldn't really afford it, so I just had a self-indulgent browse. A little awkward considering it's a small shop and I was in full view of the lady behind the counter the whole time. I felt like reassuring her that I'd be back on pay day!

My window-shopping desires not quite satisfied, I came home and spent a while on the Topshop website, picking out more treats to dream about.

Nude peg leg jeans £45

Cashmere mix vest by Boutique £20

Kate Moss slubby t-shirt £20

Silk shorts by Boutique £30

Stripe rose t-shirt £16

Waffle lace up wood wedges £65

Bunny x

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Picture editing by Bunny Darke


SJ said...

ooo loving the peg leg jeans!

i just saw your comment over at cali vintage- you should totally get riding in london. i'm from sydney where drivers loathe cyclists but i've found riding in london wonderful. especially now that the weather is so lovely, i couldn't recommend it enough!

Bunny Darke said...

But it's so scary! And I've never been v good on the roads (I failed my cycling proficiency test at school & wrote off my Mini after owning it for 3wks!) Walking works for me in London. I'll wait for quieter places for the bike m'thinks! :) x