Thursday, 22 April 2010

Childish diversions

I really like using a scrap book to collect together all the ideas and desirable bits and bobs that I spy in magazines, along with clothing labels, postcards, stickers, and other pretty things I pick up on my travels. 

Making up these collages feels really childish, in such an enjoyable way; the smell of Pritt Stick glue is so nostalgic, and it gives me an excuse to play around felt tip pens.

In relation to paper and ink and all things juvenile, today I was given an adorable little gift. 

Jill from The Loneliness of the Outdoor Smoker popped round with a Hello Kitty fashion journal for me. As she runs the Sanrio section in Hamleys on Regent Street, she is clearly the authority on all things kitsch.

I'm especially excited by the cute pages with space for notes on essential fashion items and shopping, 'what's in your wardrobe', and the customisation diary. 

I know what's keeping me out of mischief tomorrow!

Bunny x

Photos by Bunny. Click to enlarge.


JillPirate said...

I knew you'd love it :)

Yary and Sary said...

loving the photos a lot!

My floor is red said...

All these collages are simply amazing, what a great job!