Saturday, 17 April 2010

BOYFRIEND MATERIAL #1 - Heavy metal festival style

Here is the first instalment of a Bunny Habits feature that I am calling ‘Boyfriend Material’. The idea is to shift the focus to male style, so as not to exclude the fashionable fellas out there. 

This edition does revolve around an idea from my own special man, but that’s not going to be the case every time. The ‘Boyfriend’ part of the title isn’t a romantic relationship reference… this time it's just a pleasant coincidence.

So, on with today’s topic. I had an email from The Boy yesterday, attached to which was a photograph of Metallica’s lead singer James Hetfield:
‘the picture which is mostly going to inspire [The Boy’s] festival look this summer’. 
I was delighted! Not only because James Hetfield is a true rock legend and therefore a massive inspiration for any man wanting to adopt a heavy metal look, but also because The Boy has identified a specific style to embrace. And as I often say, a well-dressed man on one’s arm is the perfect accessory.

Spurred on by his enthusiasm, I have trawled the internet for pieces that embody Hetfield’s hardcore rock legacy.

We're talking straight, dark jeans; t-shirts and vests; leather and studs; wrist bands and cuffs; and heavy-duty boots.

Lee Powell Royal Rinse jeans - £65 from Urban Outfitters

 Nudie Slim Jim Dry Black Coated jeans - £85 from

Fine jersey short sleeve t-shirt - £13 from American Apparel

Mass Vest - £18 from All Saints

Vicious Sleeveless Biker - £195 from All Saints

Flex Terry Wrist Band 2-pack in black & silver - £4 from American Apparel

Black studs belt - £9.99 from +J at Uniqlo

Ask The Missus Atlas zip boot - £69.99 from Office

Tuesday Night Band Practice Downes boot - £225 from

Ksubi Raven lace-up boots - £250 from

You’ll notice that it’s pretty much all black – which, granted, isn’t exactly spring/summery – but as anyone who has been to a music festival in Britain will know, temperatures aren’t guaranteed to be high, especially at night. 

My tip would be to layer t-shirts and vests so that you can strip them off or pile them on depending on the weather, and maybe choose a pair of sturdy knee-length shorts or heavily ripped jeans to allow some ventilation should we be lucky enough to get a hot summer.

Bunny x

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